The commercial impact of Cybercrime poses the highest singular risk of financial loss, management confidence, brand reputation and shareholder equity above virtually all other threats to a company.

The impact of Cybercrime is universal to the organization, not limited physically, geographically or departmentally. The evolution of the ‘Internet of Things (or Everything) will only exacerbate Cybercrime to a whole new commercial and domestic level.

Cyber Security risks can be defined in two areas - Process and Data.

Utilities and industry rely heavily upon Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for automation. In essence, whoever can access the Network and PLC Firmware, controls the process! Utilities and industrial processes are a potential target for terrorism, espionage and ransom.

Focus 4D Inc. was established in 1985 to provide Private Investigation services to Corporations and the legal community.

At the conclusion of investigations we were frequently requested to provide recommendations to mitigate further risk. The consequence was the evolution of our Security Consulting and Risk Assessment services. Focus has enjoyed
Corporate relationships that have spanned the thirty years since our founding - testimony to our effectiveness.

It is not policy to detail our technical assets, expertise and resources. Suffice to say that over the years we have gathered together an array of effective technologies and subject matter experts to supplement our in-house knowledge base. We have a passion for our tradecraft and huge respect for our subject matter experts upon whom we rely to directly deliver their services to our Clients with the utmost level of discretion.

Ultimately we also recognized the necessity for maintaining our own unique and highly trained Guard group: 4D Protection.

Investigation Services

As Investigators, we gather information for payment.  We simply seek information to meet our Client’s mandate in support of whatever their objective or problem, regardless of whether it is a criminal or civil matter.  What the industry offers as ‘Services’ we simply view as ‘information gathering techniques’.  As far as technology is concerned we love it(!) when it provides a legal and cost-effective information gathering solution.  
Information is gathered, documented and presented to satisfy the most stringent judicial examination and expectations. 

There are three factors that can limit our results – time, budget or lack of evidence:
On occasion the scope of a mandate may be impacted by time constraints and results limited by the lack of a viable budget. Also, there are occasions when the Client mandate or expectations cannot be met simply due to the absence of evidence.

Security Strategy

Deter, Detect, Delay, Detain

Cyber Security

Professional Courtesy and Deportment. 

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Static and Dynamic Data (database and digital transactions) are the cornerstone of Government, Industry and Commerce. Data stored as a record, file or field of information represents a revenue opportunity for business, organized crime and Hackers, not to mention state-sponsored theft and funding for terrorism.

Network Technology – The Reality

Network Security only provides a barrier to the limits of human interaction. Network Security barriers and policies are prone to the generation of a high volume of false positive hits. Consequently Administrators or their support staff experience frustration and ultimately a lackadaisical attitude may prevail in system policing and a reduction of standards, thereby opening the back door for Cybercrime. The fact is that IT Departments are usually underfunded, System Administrators are short staffed and IT staff frequently overwhelmed.

In general, Network Security infrastructure is effective against the public at large and novice Hackers. Data can never be 100% secure while System Administrators have access to EVERYTHING! The result is the ultimate demise of Network Security, as evidenced by successful Cyber thefts from amongst others, Home Depot, Walmart and the U.S. Government Federal Employee Database. Hackers are just like hunters, very patient and persistent, exploiting every weakness of their target and seeking opportunities of legitimacy to achieve their objectives.


The only truly effective method of defeating Cybercrime is keyless data encryption. If the Hacker cannot interpret the data he is defeated.

The current benchmark American Encryption Standard is AES 256 which requires the exchange of a public key. Hackers have cracked AES 256. The use of public keys is all that stands between a Hacker and the data they seek. Once inside a network it is only a matter of time before a key is acquired and once a Hacker acquires a key, all data is up for grabs.

The Solution

Focus 4D advocates the installation of cost-effective keyless encryption technology as the first line of defense against Cyber threats rather than as a last resort and has invested in Pfyne Cyber Security, a junior technology company with a suite of encryption technologies to secure both static files as well as files in transit.

- Impenetrable Cyber Security

Pfyne Cyber Security is a Canadian company that has developed the only truly universal suite of keyless,
impenetrable Cyber Security encryption solutions.

During the past six years, Company Founder and CTO, Dale Scott Marion and his team of Programmers,
have developed software that variably deconstructs data into bits and then randomly selects various encryption algorithms to uniquely protect each section of data. The process has been called Cognitive Scripting and utilizes a unique encryption algorithm for each and every data file protected.  Cognitive Scripting achieves 5008 to 12,000 bit encryption for files at rest and up to 2048 bit for files in transit.

Pfyne Cyber Security encryption precludes the System Administrator from viewing any more than the file name.

“There is only one good, knowledge, and only one evil, ignorance” (Socrates)

About Us

We take pride in maintaining a low and unassuming profile while politely applying our tradecraft. We are proud of our skills and resources and very comfortable out of the limelight.

When we have answered the questions and offer acceptable solutions our job is done - unless of course our information is subject of judicial scrutiny at which time it will be presented with quiet confidence.

All too often Security is delegated to an individual who isa novice or the Security responsibility is added to a Manager’s existing portfolio. They are then left to their own devices but still held accountable and responsible for implementation and maintenance of all asset protection systems. In 2001 Company Founder Mike Pobjoy, developed and published a simple but effective Security Strategy in order to address this situation, ‘Deter, Detect, Delay, Detain ™’. This strategy became commonly referred to as ‘the 4Ds’ and is a set of guiding Security principles to assist the inexperienced Security Manager as well as the Security industry in general, to identify, prioritize and manage Security risks and solutions.

In essence, the 4Ds’ relate as follows:

Deter – Create an effective physical, electronic and visual environment, sufficient to imply to the criminal community that the risk of apprehension is not worth the reward.

Detect – Surveillance systems, Security policy and procedures and employee Security orientation, must be proactive and provide annunciation of potential risks.

Delay – Physical and electronic barriers must be structured to create sufficient delay to provide opportunity for an appropriate response to a threat.

Detain – Systems must generate sufficient evidence to identify perpetrators and effect support in criminal, civil or soft resolution.

International Recognition - The 4Ds have been adopted internationally by the Government of the United States, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and by the Government of the United Kingdom, Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Security professionals and Corporations around the world have adopted the 4Ds or customized the 4D principles to satisfy strategic goals.

Focus 4D Security Consulting services were a consequence of Client requests to assist them with establishing optimum levels of asset protection - usually in the aftermath of a loss. As our reputation grew, some Clients sought us for this specific purpose.

Consistently effective protection is about so much more than Intrusion Alarm, Access Control and CCTV Systems. It requires the integration of other physical and electronic considerations as well as the implementation of a broad range of administrative policies and procedures and employee education.



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